Neuroaudiology Lab

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The Neuroaudiology Lab is located at two different sites, one being room 525 on 5th floor of the Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences (SLHS) building and the other is located on the 3rd floor of the SLHS building. The 5th floor lab will have four desktop computers that will encompass auditory and psychoacoustic capabilities, auditory design software, two printers, student work-study sites and accommodations for visual images in neuroanatomy. 

The 3rd floor lab is configured with 3 sound booths, 2 Intelligent Hearing Systems Evoked Potential systems, and an Electrogeodesics 128-channel dense array EEG/ERP system, a Mimosa/HearID acoustic reflectance and otoacoustic emission system, a GSI AudioStar Pro diagnostic audiometer, a Larsen Davis Sound level meter, and accessories for calibration.

Neuroaudiology Lab Video

The 3rd floor also has 3 PC-platform data analysis computers and work areas.

There are additional facilities and equipment for the Neuroaudiology Lab. Our 16-channel Neuroscan Evoked Potential System is housed in the Listening in Multi-source Environments (LIME) Lab to facilitate collaborative research on neurophysiological underpinnings of speech perception in realistic listening environments. There is an Intelligent Hearing System Smart-EP and Smart-VRA system in the Pediatric Booth of the Hearing Clinic that is also used for research, although also available to the clinic.