Current Research


  1. Localization of Virtual Auditory Movement: Behavioral and Electrophysiological Correlates (St. George, Shubam, Musiek)

  2. Backward and forward masking investigation (Filippini, Smith, Musiek)

  3. Modern views of the anatomy of the planum temporale (St. George, DeMarco, Musiek) 

  4. The angular gyrus: new views on its anatomy and location (Everett, Denny, St. George, Musiek)

  5. Unusual morphometry of the posterior Sylvian Fissure: trifurcations and false ascending rami (St. George, DeMarco, Musiek)

  6. Onset-offset evoked potentials and hearing loss (Gonzalez, Musiek) (with UCONN)

  7. Behavioral and electrophysiological measures of partially filled gaps (Ceruti, Musiek) (UCONN)

  8. Concussion effect on central auditory tests (Warysz, Ramanthan, Musiek) (with UCONN)

  9. Dichotic interaural intensity difference (DIID) training in adult stroke patients measured audiologically and by functional imaging (Shinn, University of Kentucky, Weihing University of Louisville, Musiek)

  10. Electrophysiology of acceptable noise levels (Everett, Cone, Musiek)

  11. MLR and central auditory disorders –review and analysis (Musiek, Nagle, Weihing) 

  12. The vertebral basilar system anatomy (Brown, Musiek)

  13. Backward and forward masking experiments (Smith, Flippini)

  14. Dichotic listening: development of a dichotic word list (Gonzalez, Le, Cheek, St. George, Musiek)

  15. Analysis of Research on the Gaps in Noise (GIN) Test (Wong, Filippini, Musiek)

  16. Analysis of Research on Temporal Processing Tests (Wong, Filippini, Musiek)


Examples of Research Posters from the Neuroaudiology Lab