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Mission Statement

Our quest for knowledge concerning the central auditory system is driven by three main activities. One is clinical service. It is our strong belief that patients with central auditory problems must be seen on a consistent basis in order to learn about the disorder (see auditory disorders clinic). The second is research activity. In order to be on the “cutting edge” of clinical care an active research program is essential (see Neuroaudiology Lab). The third is education. In order to maximally help patients students and professionals must be exposed to the latest information, hence we have a strong commitment to teaching and continuing education (see educational programs). It is by high-level involvement in these three important activities that advances can be made to help those with auditory disorders.

Here, you will find information about Dr. Musiek, current research with which he and students in the Neuroaudiology Lab are involved in, such as neuroanatomical studies of the auditory cortex, current Pathways Society information under Groups and Programs, information on the Central Auditory Processing clinical test batteries can be found under Test Materials, and up to date news on important events and information in the field of Audiology


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